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Why should I hire an arborist?


Hiring an arborist is similar to hiring other professionals such as a realtor, forester, accountant, or attorney. Each of these professionals is an expert in their field. When you hire them, you are gaining access to their education, knowledge, and advice on a specific topic. Arborists are the authoritative experts on trees and bring an objective, comprehensive viewpoint to their clients, which ideally assists in promoting the health and preservation of trees.

So, what specific knowledge does an arborist offer?


An arborist is educated in tree biology and how the tree responds to natural and manmade changes in the environment. Arborists are experts in all aspects of proper tree care and management.  Arborists are specially trained in site and species relationships, proper tree management, proper pruning, proper fertilization (when needed), proper mulching, and a multitude of other topics.  Arborists have extensive training in the identification and management of a wide variety of tree disease and insect problems. 


Are an arborist and a tree service the same?


While some tree service companies may employ arborists, generally speaking, they are separate entities. Tree service companies focus on tree removal. Arborists focus on the current and projected health of a tree, offering management techniques to prolong and/or improve the life and usefulness of the tree. A consulting arborist can provide you with a professional and unbiased opinion on the health and management needs of a tree.  


Arborists must complete multiple hours of continuing education to maintain certification status. As a condition of certification, arborists agree to operate by a professional code of ethics governed by the International Society of Arborists.



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